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Willow Pond Stables has a unique approach to horsemanship.  The students learn everything from the ground up with horses -- how to lead, groom and tack up the horse.  Our riding lessons are about an hour long and focus on competence and confidence with horses. Each student starts at a level with which they are comfortable, taking into account their previous riding experience and if they lack confidence while working with horses.  We have trained staff to partner with the student and help them build those skills.

Basics: Lessons come in packs of four, one private lesson per week, $40.00 per hour.  Lessons can include trail rides, outdoor rides, or schooling for the full hour.

Lessons make great gifts!  For more information, leave a message at Willow Pond Stables office: 989-781-7707 or phone Karen at 989-928-1091.

For all lessons and birthday parties, it is minimally required that riders be properly attired in long pants and closed-toe shoes or boots with a low heel.

Birthday Parties

Available at any age, birthday parties at Willow Pond are the perfect experience for young people.  There are a variety of games and activities from which to choose, including rides (on a lead rope), and working with Merlin-the-Mini Horse, if available.  Our birthday parties provide an all-inclusive farm and horse experience for children who are too young for lessons, or for those who just can’t get enough of horses.

At Willow Pond, our first concern is your safety!  Our staff are equestrians with years of experience.  The horses and ponies we use for our parties are seasoned lesson horses that have endless amounts of patience, gentleness and are a joy to be around!

All participants must wear long pants, shoes with closed toes and heels, and a riding helmet, which we provide.  A release form must be signed and they can be downloaded here: http://willowpondstables.net/images/pdf/equine-activity-agreement-release.pdf.  Please complete the form and bring with you to the party.  Remember to bring cameras – there will be many opportunities for great shots!

Optional Activities: Egg Toss, Scavenger Hunt, Ping-Pong Catch, rides, obstacle course with Merlin-the-Mini Horse, and other games and activities.

Birthday Basics: Birthday Parties are available for groups of three to ten children.  Cost is $250 for two hours. There is an indoor room available for eating and opening gifts and/or an outdoor picnic space as weather permits.

Contact Karen at Willow Pond Stables: 989-928-1091 or leave a message in the office at 989-781-7707

Horse Camp 2021

Lil' Snickers Kids ages 4 - 7

July 15, 22, 29th

August 5, 12th

Time:  9:00 - 10:30

Cost $75.00 per day - Preregistration required - Call Karen @ 989-928-1091

Minimum participation of 2 students

Usual Day for the Lil' Snickers

  • Grooming a horse
  • Riding a horse
  • Horse knowledge
  • Horse games



Ages 8 and Up

July  14, 21, 28th

August 4,  11th

Time - 9:00 - 5:30

$125.00 per day  - Prepayment and preregistration required - Call Karen @ 989-928-1091

Minimum participation of 2 students 

Usual Horse Camp Schedule Includes:

  • Kids arrive and help with turning out the horses and chores.
  • Lessons on horse knowledge, horse safety and grooming.
  • Ground work
  • Group ride morning and/or  afternoon
  • Snack/Lunch - Bring your own
  • Craft/Farm project
  • Swim - all day program only

Other Information:

Think about a gift certificate for your special someone!

Horse Camp can also make great Birthday or Christmas gifts!

Contact Karen at 989-928-1091.